HRS Hevac Aquasave A60B – 6 Bar – No Controls

The HRS Hevac Aquasave A60B is part of our Aquasave hot water generator range – available duties up to 300kW.

The HRS Hevac Aquasave range effectively reduces the boiler power and hot water storage volume required in traditional heating systems without reducing the output of hot water.

The external heat exchanger provides a continuous supply of domestic hot water and the stored volume provides a large supply of hot water to cover any peak demands in the system.

The HRS Hevac Aquasave A60B unit provides a compact and efficient means of generating hot water where there is no constant demand and is suitable for various HVAC applications.

HRS Hevac Aquasave A60B – Key Benefits & Features:

• Standard Storage capacities 600 L – 2000 L (80kW – 300kW)
• WRAS approved components
• Easy operation with minimal maintenance
• Supplied in kit form for easy installation
• Fully inclusive of insulation
• Stainless steel vessel suitable for 6bar(g) pressure
• PID controlled version available – A62B 2 Port Control or A63B 3 Port Control
• 10 Bar DHW version available – HRS Aquasave ASE

HRS Hevac Aquasave A60B Documents

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