HRS Hevac Aquacoil Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

HRS Hevac AquaCoil Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

HRS Hevac AquaCoil is the collective name for a range of shell & tube heat exchangers and are a alternative solution to gasketed plate heat exchangers or brazed plate heat exchangers for more aggressive application. With tubes made of acid proof stainless steel and is suitable for many different media, such as steam, domestic hot water, heating water and hot oil.  When operating with steam, the HRS Hevac AquaCoil is a very efficient condensate cooler.
The HRS Hevac AquaCoil heat exchanger is suitable for use in systems where continuous operation at high water velocities are required.

• High pressures and temperatures
• Flexible range
• Unique design with patented tubes

HRS Hevac AquaCoil units are rated for pressures up to 25 bar and temperatures up to 300°C.

The upright position also means that the HRS Hevac AquaCoil needs a minimum of space.

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